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Glasses are one of industrial products that are made for practically optical needs, in the same time, glasses also present kind of incidentally beauty, they have artistic ambience contained within rational purpose. The Central branch of Visual Culture Optical, the spectacles boutique, has been utilized its interior design to envisage this kind of extraordinary connection between two extreme characteristics. Previously, the design theme of the shop’s Central upstairs branch was totally white, then the new shop site would adopt a more variable design theme with those two totally difference between the “two poles” of glasses images.

The ceiling height of the site is high enough to build up to two levels, which is quite rare for Hong Kong, thus the designer has maximized the openness of the whole shop from the ceiling by applying full height glass door and glass display windows. The gigantic logo signage that is hanged on the ceiling behind the display window, along with the smaller wordings of the name stuck on glass, the main subject of the shop has been exhibited here clearly without blocking the great view inside. As well, the spacious environment has been maximized by utilizing of the high ceiling too. Besides the specially custom made pendant lights and down lights, the extra high ceiling does not has any finish but bare concrete surface; below it we have some simply painted wall finishes matching with the industrial wall lamps that is acquired from Britain, the result is strengthening of raw atmosphere of industrial environment in the interior.

All the furniture and joinery are designed with neat looks and can be easily assembled; they are mainly being decorated with black or wooden tones. It will not cause any conflict with the industrial theme of the space, but also emphasized a characteristic of glasses, delicate details can be found in raw and rough appearance. As mentioned above, in order to maximize the spacious atmosphere with the high ceiling, the shop has only applied some non-full-height screen partitions with glass window look to define different spaces, without using full height partition. Each of the three areas that are defined by those two screens has slightly various themes, for purpose of distinguishing those three specific areas.

The very first one to meet when people get in is the silver screen, with one of three windows on it “closed” and changed into signage of Shiroyama Glasses, the favorite brand of late John Lennon, the straightforward ambience of an industrial environment has been formed here to draw the eyes of customers once they get in. Moreover, the adjacent display cabinets with zinc plate finish create contrast with the warm looking wooden chairs in there, eventually an appealing balance has formed within the reception area. The next screen has similar design with the first one but with a black finish, which its existence has defined another two areas, the display cabinets on its both sides also appear in black to match with it. The glamour feeling at the entrance has been tuned into tranquilly peace when customers arrive here.

Designers have spent some wiz in these areas by placing two different kinds of vintage chairs at these two areas to clarify the spatial definition. At the service area deep inside the shop, a minimal counter with concrete finish and the feature wall with white ceramic tile finish are not only for industrial atmosphere, and also the shop’s professional spirit and persistent for quality glasses with brands. On the feature wall, here comes a big logo signage with hidden light trough behind, responding to another signage at the entrance, also expressing that the shop’s spirit inside their hearts is as true as they seem.

On the opposite of the service areas, there is the display area for customers to choose and try on while standing. Besides wooden display cabinets, several full-length dressing mirrors are located there; their existence explains that glasses are actually affecting one’s impression of his/her whole body, also expresses how caring the shop is. In conclusion, while looking around the shop, all the furniture and joinery seem like just randomly placing in the interior, indeed this setting is capable to play a tune of harmony throughout the space, then the tune could being passed to customers’ hearts by a language called “glasses”.


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