Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 Summer – Goosecraft

August 12th, 2014 by retail design blog

goosecraft was founded in 2006. from the start in 2006 goosecraft is well known for its specialisation in leather fashion collections. by emphasizing on the manufacturing and development process, and the special focus on the traditional craftsmanship that gives leather its characteristic identity. goosecraft is specialised in creating leather fashion products for MEN & WOMEN and has over more than 300 selling points in the Netherlands and sells to numerous high-level stores throughout Germany, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, France, Belgium, Japan and the UK.

leather is the most ancient and natural material, with a unique property: the longer you wear it, the more beautiful it becomes. leather is a real ‘craft’ product; it requires a lot of traditional treatments & finishes in manufacturing before it is usable. leather takes over the individuality of the owner and shows the characteristics of personal behaviour. … a second skin….. leather reflects your personal dreams and imagination. details are the hidden treasures that make the difference. goosecraft progresses in time but remains itself. insensitive to seasons & time: …moment by moment… …mood by mood…

Photographer: Zsolt Istvan Posta
Images courtesy of Retail Design Blog

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