Crosstown Running Nike store by Bearandbunny, London – UK

August 13th, 2014 by retail design blog

Where it comes to running in all its shades, Nike’s Crosstown Runners is the new kid in town. Targeted to a specific user group – that is, fanatics who choose the urban grid as their spot of exercise –the corresponding line of sportswear as developed by Nike needed a matching retail concept.
 Part of a lifestyle trend, the apparel mimics streetwise high fashion.

Think sneakers with fluorescent colour details or outspoken graphic leggings. Hence, the input for the new store concept (conceived in one month and go be rolled out Global) was literally taken from the street. Curve stones from the base of the walls, tramlines support freestanding furniture elements and elevated public benches serve as display systems for footwear. A high level of execution, eye for detailing and gloss finishing discern the store from the real street outside and add value to the apparel on sale.

Designed by Bearandbunny in collaboration with Nike Brand Design EMEA.

Bearandbunny is an energetic Amsterdam-based design studio working for acclaimed global and national brands. Its diverse output ranges from international retail concepts to private interiors and from a design hotel concept to the look and feel of a new restaurant, including not only the interior but also the graphic and identity – up to the actual dishes that dot the menu.

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