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M Moser Associates designed the new offices for financial tech company Dealogic, located in Hong Kong, China. As a successful financial tech company, Dealogic required a more agile workplace that would attract and retain top talent, while catering to the diverse needs of its existing staff in Hong Kong. A new space can improve business performance by inspiring employees to innovate and collaborate. The original concept focused on a young, energetic, yet value-driven dynamic, using bold colors, and corporate values as core motifs. Dealogic was also eager to infuse the space with elements of Hong Kong’s local culture to highlight the heritage and location of its surroundings. Balancing health and wellness, the flexible spaces offer greenery, movement, and a variety of social activities to engage employees. “This well-executed, agile and healthy workspace is a big factor in changing how our employees act, and facilitates spontaneous and meaningful collaboration between all levels.” – Joanne Hon, Head of Asia Pacific, Dealogic

Encouraging Staff Engagement
Engagement has been a pivotal part of the project, where passionate staff from Dealogic attended workshops with designers to help contribute requirements and functionality of the new workspace. Areas that they were keen to improve/create included greenery, washrooms, a communal pantry area, and further opportunities for exercise. “Engaging with M Moser helped us to discover what we need, and what we really want from our workplace. We care about our people, and want them to feel comfortable and inspired in the space they work in” – Vian Luk, APAC Head of HR, Dealogic

Increasing Workplace Mobility
By creating an agile core with a hub at the centre, M Moser’s engagement-led solution expands the agile form without straying too far from the existing layout. Providing a comfortable balance between familiarity and flexibility for future-proofing was key to empowering users with an adaptable choice about how they want to work. Every element of the office technology is wireless and this advanced integration allows employees to work from any chosen area.

Providing Multifunctional Space
The lounge provides a casual and sophisticated environment that is warm and welcoming on arrival. With a bookshelf division, the area pivots 90 degrees to connect to the general collaboration area, for town hall or corporate events. This is more than just a client space, but a multi-functional space to bring people together, to work, meet or relax, such as yoga classes, cross-training and other staff social activities.

Evoking Local Culture
Showcasing the Hong Kong skyline by recreating the city’s StarFerry and incorporating furniture such as local hanging chairs adds a strong sense of local culture to the end result. The hanging chair inspired swings to provide relaxed settings for deep thinking, collaboration and/or private conversations. With unique and playful features such as a Lego wall, electricity generating bicycles to encourage movement and fitness, and a ping pong table in the boardroom, the space exemplifies a pioneering culture, creativity, collaboration and fun.

Addressing Employee Wellness
Sustainability, staff health and wellness are core priorities for the space. The new office maximises natural light and offers height adjustable workstations, natural greenery, energy-saving lighting, healthy foods, rigorous air quality monitoring and exercise stations. “Natural light, greenery and exercise features designed to the space, really help us to feel great” – Elaine Tsui, APAC Head of Relationship Sales, Trading & Research, Dealogic

Incorporating Visual Elements
The importance of visual elements to inspire and reinforce the message of the brand is addressed in the design. Feature details add a unique personality to the workplace, reflecting the brand and values of the business.

Design: M Moser Associates
Photography: Vitus Lau

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