TYO Japanese restaurant by Studio Yaron Tal, Tel Aviv – Israel

August 16th, 2014 by retail design blog

The new Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv, TYO, offers a unique mix of fine and meticulous Japanese cuisine, international design and the atmosphere of Tel Aviv. The multicultural design connects Tel Aviv and Tokyo and gives the full experience. The precise design interconnects the special menu with the party atmosphere of Tel Aviv, walking the thin line between deep-seated authenticity and the global atmosphere.

The building is an eclectic Tel Aviv building, a two floored quadrilateral, and when you enter you’ll get the vibe of a fine New-Yorky lounge bar. Yaron Tal’s design of the internal space is surprising with unconventional breaks in the standard square space of the building which creates a functional asymmetry that divides the two spaces, a heightened space for sitting, and an amorphous lower space that is used as an eating bar with autonomous conversations corners.

Designed by Studio Yaron Tal
Photos: Itay Sikolski

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