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Commissioned by Arts Co for Bloomberg, PP Trysting Tree, a semi-permanent installation through four meeting rooms, explores the dialogue of unnatural nature using Bloomberg’s own waste materials. Bloomberg’s glass-walled conference rooms are designed, by virtue of their openness and transparency, to encourage learning, inclusiveness and interaction. Embracing this philosophy we sought to enhance it by allowing the tree and tables to flow through all four rooms, almost oblivious to the glass dividing walls.

Encircled by tables and stools, the tree sits at the convergence of the four rooms creating a welcoming hub for face-to-face discussion or video calls. Blossom from the tree, visible through illuminated windows in the bespoke tables has been assimilated into the technology of the environment.

Refracted by lenses and screens sourced from discarded Bloomberg computer monitors, the almost holographic appearance of the blossom bridges the gap between the physical and the virtual. Historically, trysting trees are places to gather and meet prior to battle, during a hunt or simply to debate. Latterly they became more commonly known as a rendezvous for lovers.

Photography: Petr Krejci
Bespoke tables, seating, lighting & sculpture design by Tom Price

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