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The owners of KBK wanted to create a unique restaurant concept that would stand out in Madrid’s chic area, Aravaca. The venue enabled GBCAª to treat the Japanese restaurant as a continuous space; blurring inside and outside. An open space with two massive water basins creates the walkaway entrance that connect with the back of a Japanese garden. KBK comes from the inspiration of Japanese traditional form of drama Kabuki, was designed by GBCAª with this concept in mind. The Kabuki stage features a projection called a hanamichi a walkway which extends into the audience and via which dramatic entrances and exits are made. KBK is lights and shadows game in the space caused by experimenting with paper concepts.

It is also a game of elements memoranda Japanese culture; rice, paper and cherry blossom. GBCAª chose materials such as bronze, oak and stone to compliment the architectural features of the building. The unique lighting layout of the restaurant is supported by digital applications and interactive screens that portray a dynamic project, suiting into different atmospheres.

Photography: Luis H. Segovia
Design by GBCAA Architects

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