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Tobias Tøstesen transcends the inherent playfulness of standard LEGO elements to explore their infinite potential as a module for lighting. Presented during Milan Design Week 2013, the floor-to-ceiling chandelier uses the transparent bricks to offer a glance through the colorless lighting installation, preferring to use the curved form to capture the changing glow of the day, from distinctive cool chroma to exclusive hot hues.

Tøstesen makes the LEGO module more complex while still keeping a dialogue with the real world of architecture and design, where bricks, despite their ubiquity, persist to challenge human creativity and continually forge new paths. Informed by the scarcity nordic light, the form is characterized by a subtle softness that differs from the contrasting light of the South. In the chandelier LEGO moves the dynamic luminosity of the day throughout its otherwise standardized shape.

Supported by the Kolding School of Design, the transparent LEGO chandelier was presented at ‘Tube Exhibition Concept’ during Milan Design Week 2013

Design: Tobias Tøstesen
Photography: Gert Skærlund

via designbom

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