Quiksilver Concept Showroom by Clemens Bachmann Architekten, Munich – Germany

February 13th, 2015 by retail design blog

A Munich showroom in monochromatic hues was realised by the team at Clemens Bachmann Architekten as a neutral backdrop where the products can shine.

This commission for sportswear and lifestyle brand Quiksilver is an ideal setting for new collections to be displayed under the ever-discerning eye of the buyer. The heritage of the warehouse-like space remains, with its high ceilings, exposed trusses and original clerestory windows. Black and white walls combine with bold graphics to add character to the space, with its personality further enhanced when you spot the black PVC curtains that wrap around one section. This quirky aspect gives the space a laboratory-like feel – which is what the concept showroom aims to offer: a space to dissect new collections.

Against the authentic industrial framework, plywood elements line many of the surfaces to create rooms, display cabinets and shelving and adding warmth in the process. The palette of materials is kept neutral and desaturated, aiming to allow the colours of the clothes themselves to be the main focus in the space.

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