Pressed Juices by Every Design Studio, Melbourne – Australia

February 25th, 2015 by retail design blog

The cold-pressed juice ‘movement’ currently trending in LA and New York is making it’s way down under with Pressed Juices, Australia’s cold-pressed juice bar, leading the way.

I was first introduced to Pressed Juices by my daughter Sasha and her girlfriends a few months ago very early one Sunday morning in High Street, Armadale. Naturally I was sceptical about the concept of 29 freshly ‘pressed’ blends in a bottle. How could they be fresh? But once the girls opened their overflowing bottles and I managed to convince them to let me try each of their flavours I understood their teen obsession. Founded on principles of nourishment, stress relief, restoration of wellbeing, not to mention delicious mixes of flavours, Pressed Juices takes juicing to a whole new level. Of course it’s the super simple store fit-outs and vibrant coloured juices in a bottle that hit the spot for me!

I recently popped into their new South Yarra store and admire the brand’s holistic approach to the interior, packaging, brand identity, and consistency in every detail. The very simple white, black and pine timber crates emphasise their organic approach. The same interior scheme is carried across all their stores, creating a relaxed space to fill up on a whole lot of nutrient and vitamin goodies!

Design: Every Design Studio / Sarah Crowley / Alessia Pegoli
Photography: Brooke Holm / Eve Wilson

via Share Design / Est Magazine

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