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A new store concept is created for multi-brand sporting goods store, Barçın. The main purpose of the design concept is bringing the spirit of sports to the store interior that can inspire, energize and motivate its customers with dynamic design solutions.

Project design team is firstly concentrated on that each sport category that are put on sale have an individual and inventively designed -one of a kind- world that carries out the categorys’ characteristics. Each category is highlighted with multiple design elements. For instance, while basketball section owns the color of orange and provides customers footwear to clothing and accessories all in one area, color blue is dedicated to the swimming section , and has an enormous inspiring digital image on its ceiling. Moreover, while football section owns the color of grey and has a grass carpet flooring, the kids sections stands out by itself with its form and eye-catching monobloc color. Women and Men Running sections is popped out with the pixallated and saturated large image panels at the background and display panels with attractive colors in front.

As being an essential part of the design concept, open ceiling system is used with a black paint. Lighting in the store is designed to be dimly lit yet product-oriented. General artificial lighting is track system and some decorative pendant lighting is chosen to create the aimed atmosphere. Concrete is the major flooring material through-out the store. With its plain and monolithic look, it helps display units and products to stand out. To soften the rawness of concrete flooring slightly, a double-smoked parquet is used at some spots in the store. Additionally, applied painted lines and writings on flooring refers to tartan tracks and help dynamize the overall scene.

All furniture systems in the store are custom-made design for Barçın’s new store concept. They are designed and manufactured with special fixtures to have the flexibility of different height adjustments. The main materials of the furniture are laminate in various colors, black MDF and tarnished metal plate. Because numerous brands are on display in the store, light box units are designed to give a chance to expose communication advertisements of those different brands. Our sister company, Too Many Disciplines, which is specialized on brand solutions, has worked and renewed Barçın’ s brand identity from its logo&packaging to staff uniforms etc. Branding and store interior design project of Barçın are taken along and integrated all together at the same time to Barçın shopping journey & experience.

Photography: Ali Bekman

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