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ON THE SPOT is a premium select shop, designed to flatter the premium products and brand identities, located in Myeong-dong street that crowed of young people. Entrance could be opened and closed depending on influx of customers using 6M high folding doors, and as face of the space, to give luxurious image, facade exterior finished with ivory stones and black Guro iron plates and punching metals. For the first place through entrance, void designed with squared mirror lights taking advantage of height of story and the graphic banner on natural wood finished wall to make it eye-catching brand point.

The 1st floor(SHOP AREA : 287.9㎡) is planned for sales of various brand shoes or miscellaneous items, which of points are lined lights at ceiling stretching into the back of shop and isles initiating real runway. Suggested design concept to train platform applying elements of mixed toned exposed mass concrete on the floor, movable wheeled furniture, runway motived isles. Not only the furniture exudes classic with clean and vintage mood but repeat of shelf module gives customer high concentration for shopping by highlighting products.
Stair hall is designed with silver colored tile finished wall and using movable floor guide board that shaped “TAG” which is design motive as well, to cause inquiring mind to customers about 2nd floor. Also, indirect lighting along the handrail leads to 2nd place.

The 2nd floor(SHOP AREA : 247.5㎡) is planned for sales of premium boots, clothes, bags, fashion accessories, consisting of runway isles like the 1st floor and finished pillars with mirror that makes it more spacious just in case it might be looking smaller than actual space. And it is roughly divided into two section, clothes zone and premium boots zone. Furniture in clothes zone made by HR iron pipes and vintage white wood tiles to focus on products while using bright wood tile in the bottom of premium boots zone to provide difference of two zones. All the furniture finished tinted ash sliced veneer gives more high-class mood harmonizing with leather products and as one of design points, fitting room adds fun too with black and white oblique line pattern from logo.

Myeong-dong is a favorite shopping mecca for both local residents and foreign tourists with full of attraction. ON THE SPOT will be the spotlighted landmark for all the fashion people and tourists in Myeong-dong combining the outstanding select shop interior design distinguished from other brands and various products.

Design: Kiyeno & Taw Design Group / Her Kyung-a / Cho mi-young / Kim min-seob / Kim a-ra / Song jung-hee
Photography: Lee Pyo-joon

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