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Workshop design agency signs the new retail concept LICK. The world’s first store dedicated to the connected objects and to the high-tech products. This new brand aims at reinventing completely the market of the numeric products to offer to the customers a unique digital experience. That’s why Workshop conceived a complete program of global design. From the naming to the architecture including the graphic identity and the point of sale animation. An open, tactile, hybrid space between digital and sensitive experience with a clear ambition: establish LICK as the first distributor specialized in the internet of things.

Retail Concept :
1- Naming

Our conviction: digital objects became real objects of desire and they almost are part of us. Workshop worked on the convergence of 3 ideas: the high-tech, the fashion and the lifestyle. The creation of the name is the contraction of “Love” and “Click” and illustrates our relationship with the connected objects today. They look like us and we develop a real affect for them. Furthermore, the word “Lick” also makes a reference to Steve Jobs who asked to his/her designers to create desirable products to the point that we want to lick them

2- Visual Identity
More than a logo a full media! Workshop designed it as an alive body, allowing to evolve with the brand, in the “flat design” spirit of digitalized brands. It changes in facade and on the site to answer all the lifestyles and echos the signature “High-tech High-Fashion for”.

3- Architecture
It was a question at first of being a “life style” store where all the time something takes place. The Agency created, contrary to the codes of the market, an open place, where the border between the inside and the outside does not exist any more. “We put back the street in the point of sale”: wall finishing material including raw concrete and white bricks, ground in light gray epoxy resin, ceiling letting appear all its technique. We are in the urban codes. From the point of view of the furniture, Workshop signs the invention of the “GRID” display by placing the modularity at the heart of the concept. The GRID is in the form of cubes, inspired by the pictograms of apps smartphones. They can be arranged so differently according to the surface of the point of sale, as we organize our apps on the interface of smartphones. The GRID enable us to adapt the architecture to every store.

LED screens are also totally integrated into the GRID, which broadcast messages bounded to the current events of the point of sale, or which answer the smartphones of the customer via QR codes.
The rest of the furniture proposed by Workshop is wooden of apple tree encircled by a metallic tubular structure. The whole design is designed for an optimal enhancement of connected objects as if it was about real high-technology jewels. The atmosphere is urban and smart at the same time, where everything is approachable, connected, for an immersive purchase experience at the middle path between the reality and the virtual!

The customer journey proposed by Workshop results in a free touch experience of all the products. The “Buzz Bar” is arranged instead of the classic cash registers. Installed in the entrance, he also allows to put forward the new products and proposed services and to create a space where products meet customers. Finally, spaces “Shop in Shop” dedicated to the manufacturer’s brands with, a little farther, a space “Second Life” which offers a new approach of the SAV. Workshop and the concept LICK symbolize the outcome of the retail design where the experience and the innovation answer for most great pleasure of the customers. The opening of the first concept LICK is planned by June 5th in the shopping mall “Les 4 Temps” situated in “La Defense” (Paris) followed by the other openings everywhere in France

About Workshop
Our Multidisciplinary Agency is an award winning interior design firm specialized in Retail Design and Brand Experience : we imagine the future of retail from the definition of a core brand identity to the retail architectural concept. Since 10 years, WORKSHOP supports global brands, the retailers, in the creation of their trade concepts, their branding, and the animation of their networks of stores in France and on the international stage. The consumer is always at the heart of everything we do: our interventions carry beyond the design because we invent new retail experiences where converge a strategic vision of your Brand, architecture, a renewed customer journey through merchandising and the appropriate digital mix. WORKSHOP cultivates the uniqueness of each of its answers because every brand is unique. This distinctive characteristic allows brands to meet the shopper, to make him(her) live a memorable experience, and to create some value.

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