Forest Loops sculptural playground by Suppose Design Office, Hamakita – Japan

April 10th, 2015 by retail design blog

Suppose Design Office have designed Forest Loops, a sculptural playground in Hamakita, Japan.

The concept of this project is an implementation of natural forests. Forest is an representation of growth in nature, it is growing/expanding day by day and lies in between the definition of complete and incomplete. Majority of the existing architecture projects shows a sense of completion once the building is completed. For Forest Loops, we are inspired by the growing idea of forest. We tried to expand the possibilities of usage and interactions that can connect with visitors and residents. (For example, if you place a net to the structure, it will become a play land for kids. If you add a tree house, it can turn into a residential architecture for people to live.) The project will continue to grow and expand its possibilities of usage and interaction.

Design: Suppose Design Office / Makoto Tanijiri / Ai Yoshida // Arup / Mitsuhiro Kanada
Construction Company : Okabe
Structural Engineer : Mitsuhiro Kanada
Photography: Toshiyuki Yano

via Contemporist

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