Shake Design Offices, Tel Aviv – Israel

April 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

Shake Design is a creative branding, packaging and visual communication agency, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company has set its new offices to an old industrial warehouse.

As a branding agency specializing in visual storytelling and graphic exploration , this was the perfect opportunity to promote their own brand and spirit, as well as their graphic vision and young vibe. The goal was to design a space that inspires creativity and allows open minded research as part of a branding process. A combination of urban and ­informal style, warmth and accessibility. The space was divided to three main lofts, giving each one its distinct environment : hosting, working and gathering, using a blend of raw materials, modern custom made pieces and originally crafted graphic art.

Design: Shake Design / Maayan Reshef // Pninit Sharet – Interior Design
Photography: Itay Benit

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