We Are Social Offices by Homepolish, New York City

April 28th, 2015 by retail design blog

Homepolish interior designer Tina Apostolou did a complete redesign of the office for We Are Social located in New York City.

Sourcing and designing custom lighting, a photo studio, phone booths, and a new kitchen, the office is now a cool, functional reflection of the awesome brand that is We Are Social.

Here are some notes from the designer:

  • For the Entry Wall we used unfinished reclaimed scaffolding planks and a custom marque sign in their brand font/color for a really industrial wall installation. It’s the first thing you see when you get out of the elevator and makes such a statement.
  • The Boardroom is also really epic with 15’ of glass walls and a custom 8’ lighting fixture I designed and TONS of natural light.
  • We did the gold frame DIY which was already featured on the mag for a gallery wall of cork boards – they wanted a place to pin up employees quotes and picture as a wall of fame. We sourced this from a thrift store and made about 12 corkboards with the help of the WAS team.
  • We did a clock wall of all their offices around the globe.

Design: Tina Apostolou for Homepolish
Photography: Claire Esparros

via Office Snapshots

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  1. It is a modern interior design and settings of furniture.

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