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The new intriguing seats collection finished with wine designed by DINN! for Passoni Nature

DINN! focused on understanding Passoni Nature’s philosophy, by enhancing its great potentional of differentation and its unique attention to the environmental sustainability. The result is Decanter, an intriguing combination of design and italian wine culture with a great attention to details and process. Decanter is the result of a meticulous research and an innovative alchemical process that allows you to have unique and all-natural color shades by extracting the tannin from the wood and using the best wines as basic element. This perfect combination between wood and wine surprises also for its sinuous and stylish design.

Passoni Nature melts together the care about nature and the true attention to human well-being by using only natural products which are completely free from any emissions or components that could prove noxious to human health. To better express its mission, we have designed this all-natural collection with an enveloping and comforting wooden frame, just like a good glass of wine. Craftsmanship, wine, history, culture and ecology come together into a unique excellence. A few simple ingredients of great quality, experienced craftsmanship and alchemical wisdom make it a unique product to live and decant.

The decanter is a tool that makes particularly old wines oxygenate and, as a consequence, develops the best aromatic “bouquet”. Indeed, just as in a decanter, the collection welcomes the wine inside itself, thus obtaining interesting and totally natural colours (Rosè, Dolcetto, San Giovese, Barricato and Aceto). This type of finish, developed in collaboration with PelleVino Treatment®, is a completely natural patented technology, just like in the Passoni Nature’s DNA. Wood and wine find their point of union in a process that requires the right time to get unique and important features. The wine ages in the wood, the wood is transformed by the wine and at the end this combination turns into a harmonious and rigorous design.

Andrea Borsetto, Founder and Chief Creative at DINN! – “We have carried out the research, started by Tommaso Passoni, in order to find new forms of all-natural finishes and point out the interesting parallelism between the company’s philosophy and the great tradition of Italian food and wine. We are talking about  two realities that have wisely combined the love for the land and its culture together with a competitive industrial production, by using a few simple ingredients but of exceptional quality.”

Design: DINN! / Chief Creative: Andrea Borsetto / Product Designer: Domenico Rescigno / Graphic Designer: Vincenzo Lanziello / Communication Manager: Antonella Dellifiori
Photography: Ikon / Nicola Picogna

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