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Chitter Chatter, the challenger brand and independent mobile phone retailer, asked Pope Wainwright & Wykes to help define a 360-degree positioning for the brand, from SIM card to store. We knew this would suit our multi-disciplinary approach, and give them the tools to stand out in one of the most congested markets on the high street.

The first thing that struck us about Chitter Chatter was their staff. These are long serving and loyal people, with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the market and their customers. Chitter Chatter customers aren’t looking for cool; they seek honest and unpretentious insight. Their staff provide exactly this, which in turn changes the traditional retail store from a sales oriented space into one that builds relationships. We see Chitter Chatter’s staff as their USP; differentiating the brand from the rest of the crowd. This sentiment is further reinforced by the companies mission statement ‘What’s important to you, is important to us’.

The new Chitter Chatter store at London’s latest shopping centre, East Mall, is a space dedicated to educating the community on all things mobile. Whether it’s workshops to discover how apps can enhance your lifestyle, or engaging Generation Z through gaming technology, it has it all. Customer retention is key, and Chitter Chatter has reinvented their retail experience to provide a fun and educational environment to keep their customers coming back for more.

A ‘back to basics’ approach has been taken with the brand, as a conscious decision to steer away from current formats that overwhelm customers with advertising and multiple advanced service models. To allow for this, we have reinstated the traditional simple service counter, as found in your local butcher, baker, or café. With clear views right into the heart of the store, free from bombarding signage, we have retained Chitter Chatter’s authenticity by putting focus on the reliability of their staff, and the educational benefits that they offer.

The same ‘back to basics’ approach has been used for the Chitter Chatter identity; a simple change in the visual tone between Chitter and Chatter reinforces the change in weight during pronunciation, with speech bubbles to reflect this lighter chat. This also provides Chitter Chatter with their own iconic abbreviation and an approachable logo.

Design: Pope Wainwright & Wykes

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