Lost Luggage Kit by Janne Kytannen

June 12th, 2015 by retail design blog

3D-printing guru Janne Kyttanen has designed a kit of clothes and accessories that can be printed in one go from a single computer file, removing the need for travellers to pack a bag for their holiday.

“We already have 3D printers in hotels and airports,” said Janne Kyttanen, creative director for American company 3D Systems, who believes these machines could be utilised to produce luggage on demand. His Lost Luggage kit combines 3D-print files for bags, clothes and accessories that “represent an entire outfit from head to toe”, which can be downloaded and reproduced at any location. Kyttanen suggests that tourists could potentially travel without baggage and simply print off the items needed for their trip at the destination. “Send your luggage in an email, travel the world unencumbered and arrive at your destination to find your luggage waiting for you,” he said.

The set includes a version of the Le69 Handbag by fashion brand Paco Rabanne and a dress that can be worn in four different ways. It also contains a pair of platform shoes, a cuff bracelet, driving gloves, a pair of sunglasses, a digital watch and a knuckleduster. The garments are made from sections of material that is woven from strands of flexible plastic filament. All of these pieces are printed in one operation as folded items contained within a large shoulder bag. The project formed part of an exhibition of work by Kyttanen that explores the future of 3D printing, which included 3D-printed “selfies” and ping-pong bats.

Kyttanen’s self-titled exhibition took place at Galerie VIVID in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from 2 March to 20 April 2014.

Design: Janne Kyttanen

via Dezeen

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