Market Fresh Packaging by Quatre Mains

June 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

Market Fresh, A quality range of seasoning solutions.

Our client wished to make a meaningful impact on the chaotic and over-populated world of supermarket seasoning. In order for this new family range to stand-out from a visually complex crowd of miniature players we decided to glue coherently and consistently under the umbrella of a unifying positioning and brand identity. The hand drawn and crafted blackboard typography and illustrations invites the consumer into the world of freshly picked produce whilst bringing an unmissable impact and clarity to it’s offering. For an additional playful human touch we decided to punctuate each pack with a cheeky tagline, delighting consumers at the second moment of truth and keeping the brand story flowing.

Design: : Quatre Mains / Creative Direction: Jürgen Hûughe / Design & Illustration: Joseph Robinson
Client: Euroma

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  1. Red Oak says:

    Fresh ingredients really do make a difference when cooking.

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