Santa Helena Wine Branding by Nasta

June 18th, 2015 by retail design blog

In May, month of Paraguayan national independence, the traditional Chilean wine tributes the guarani culture with the launch of this unique and inspiring limited edition. As usual, this Gran Vino continues to become the favorite choice on the tables of the guarani country, either just for weekend barbecues or to celebrate special moments with family and the beloved ones. That’s why Santa Helena celebrates the paraguayan’s preference launching the limited edition, which commemorates the national independence and pays tribute to their tradition. The main objective of this production was all about art, colors and traditions that represent the paraguayan culture. These are reflected in the art of the bottle, which has an image of a ñanduti with the Paraguayan national colors.

This limited edition is on sale starting on May in the main selling points all around the country. For several consecutive years, Santa Helena is honored as a Top of Mind brand among the wines in Paraguay. Special thermo plastic paint used on metal mesh that gives shine and highlight the bottle. Commemorative patriotic colors of Paraguay. Released only in Paraguayan market.

Design: Agatha Mel – Publicitaria Nasta S.A. / Creative Director: Mariano Ducos / Creative Designer: Agatha Mel López / Photography and final art: Gabriela Guppy & Santi Feijo / Coordination Art: Andrea Sanchez / Account Director: Ale Vazquez / Account Executive: Majo Florentín

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