Germina Branding by Savvy Studio

June 25th, 2015 by retail design blog

Germina reinterprets Mexico’s traditional market stalls, selling product in bulk with a wide range of seeds, grains and cereals: from poppy seeds to different varieties of quinoa, dried spicy chickpeas as snacks or nutritious cereal bars — all catering towards more health-conscious lifestyles.

The design was crafted as a contemporary take on typical market aesthetics and experience, mostly resulting from a direct relationship between customer and vendor, through a clean, modern graphic language. All designs seek to be extremely practical, using basic packaging made from recycled materials — all customisable — emphasising the product’s name, weight and price, thus, following the rituals from habitual market shopping experience.

Natural, almost rustic materials communicate the brand’s core values in a very direct manner, glorifying its products and the trade’s casual nature. The weighing scale is in itself the very core of Germina’s branding, and as such, a vintage one was placed — almost altar-like — at the centre of the main display, connoting the shop’s functional, human and traditional essence.

Design: Savvy Studio

via Identity Designed

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