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Client and brand brief:
The Louise Philippe brand is a casual wear brand for new millennium. Having set trends in formal and executive wear it is looking to be the fashion of choice for young men with style, class and the understanding of quality wear. This line draws its inspiration from motor sports with its distinctive lifestyle, attitude and energy. It was felt that the retail identity of the younger brand should retain the affluence and heritage of the parent brand. Because by maintaining the original tradition it would be possible for the newer brand to stand out from the clutter and competition of this crowded market.

Design strategy:
Modern meets Vintage

The typical English living room with its gracious and comfortable style was the inspiration for this store design. From the comfortable couches to the shelves, maps, trophies, clocks and the warm wooden floor…everything is a true reflection of this lifestyle. The ambience has accents that give the overall organized look some breaks. The walls are neutral in color with sleek, masculine and bold fixture designs. The classic furniture design with modern flourishes beautifully offsets the archetypal wooden shades. Strategically placed mirrors give a sense of uncluttered space. The store sees the return of the cornice, a vintage architectural design element that is the veritable ‘clasp’ that binds the contemporariness of the fixtures to the conventional transforming the space into an oasis of masculinity. In keeping with the brand persona the store design is masculine, mature and casual. These characteristics get a note of vibrancy with splashes of the brand color – red.

Store design signature:
The use of red metallic finish in the pop-up module was done to further heighten the automobile look and feel. Even the wallpaper, mirror and other visual merchandising props carry forward the sporting spirit. This is a man’s world and every little detailing spells that out loud and clear.

Store front design:
The store front is almost a microcosm of everything that young and sophisticated should be. A casual glance is not sufficient since the open and inviting façade design demands more. The window dressing, the colors and the styles make it compelling for the customer to step inside.

Store interior design:

A number of strategic interaction points in the store’s interior have been designed keeping in mind that the customer’s experience and comfort should be both unique and pleasurable. Corners, shelves and overall display pieces have been used effectively to urge the customer to browse, explore and discover a sense of individual style from the merchandise. This in turn directly translates to more footfalls, which is the ultimate stamp of a successful store.

Store zoning and layout:
Consistent research has proven that customers tend to veer to the left once they enter a store. Keeping that important fact in mind, the LP store has displayed with flourish its most popular and fastest selling sports collection. There is also an easy to interpret focal display that informs the customer about the complete brand range that is available. The idea is to ensure that the customer is fully empowered to make a buying decision from the get go. Denim wear is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe so the denim wear section is conveniently located near the trial rooms, while the accessories are placed near the cash counter since they are casual point of sale products. Finally, the cash counter is positioned just before the exit point making it both approachable and giving it a vantage position without intruding into a sales space. From here the rest of the store is visible which is essential for the cash counter staff.

Design: 4D

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