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BOOKS can be deconstructed into the elements of book, paper and words from which each of them transforms into a relative space with its feature theme and at the same time, it also presents the rationale and creativity behind the brand of Yan Ji You Book Store.

BOOK – Paper with words is the main body of a book. These books create the feature wall at the façade by using layers of wooden structure as they are symbolised the beginning of cultural studies.

PAPER – A structural folded space is arising from opening a folded paper. To a certain extent, it creates the spacial relationship among the areas with different natures for the conceptual ceiling, which is also interacted with each other including bookstore, cafes, Art Zhun museum, lecture area, activity area (Pre-function Area) and shop in shop.

WORD – The Poem Lane is a path of installation art which leads the way to the art gallery. It shows those well-known and famous proverbs from Chinese literature by extending the three-dimensional Chinese characters from both sides of the wall. People can experience and seem like surrounded by the wordings while passing through.

SPEECH & ACTIVITY AREAS – It is a space forming by an elevation which is derived from the concept of structural folded paper. The shape of book shelf seems like that of a giant opened book attached at the wall. The curve element used in the Speech and Activity Areas (Pre-function Area) is intended to make a strong contrast with that of folded structure. The staggered encounter junctions of the curvature up on the columns create the dramatic effects before entering the Lecture Hall and deliberately make people to experience the connection of these two areas.

FAÇADE – The concept of the store interior is inspired from the element of paper and words while that of the shop front is derived from the book. Paper with words is the main body of a book. These books create the feature wall at the façade by using layers of wooden structure which blend the culture and creativity together into visual impact so as to show the brand image.

COFFEE STATION – The function of the Giant Bar is to lead people to this coffee station. The design approach is the extension of the structural folded paper. To a certain extent, the giant steel lighting frame and the fence show the sense of industrial and structural style which surprisingly mix well with the wooden feature used here and also harmonise within the zone.

KID ZONE – The seats of Animal Series including dinosaurs, giraffes and hippos can absolutely draw the children’s attention and make them love to stay and enjoy the moment.

Design: Kyle Chan & Associates Design Ltd. / Kyle Chan
Photography: Wong Kin Fai

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