Viva Café by Esny Martin, San José – Costa Rica

October 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

This project is one of the urban initiatives that little by little are managing that Costa Ricans look at the downtown not only as a destination to visit to acquire a certain type of service or product, but also as a place of leisure. Places like Viva Cafe motivate you to go to San Jose to have fun, to walk downtown to catch up with the latest events and discover spaces that offer more than just a product, they offer a range of additional experiences.

Viva Café is a cozy space that salvages elements of Costa Rican tradition adapting them to a young and contemporary style. The tropical colors of the furniture and positive phrases posted on the walls fill the visitors with life and positive energy. Elements such as oversized lamps and the armchairs made of burlap of Costa Rican coffee bags, chairs made from water hoses inspired by those found in our grandparents corridors, a coffee plant placed in a traditional coffee collection basket, wooden benches and a large painting on the wall with coffee pickers that originally are located on the ceiling of the National Theater, honor and celebrate our tradition. The wood, the lighting and good music make the visitor feel at home and in an intimate space.

Design: Esny Martin
Photography: Andrés García Lachner

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