Clerkenwell London Store, London – UK

October 26th, 2015 by retail design blog

The realms of lifestyle and design are hugely diverse, and it often takes advanced skills to navigate towards finding that unique trophy. Enter Clerkenwell London, a rather striking new emporium which takes on the challenge full on with an adventurous concept that masterfully ticks a lot of boxes. Launched by serial entrepreneur David J. Brown, the store is set over a sprawling 13,000 sq.ft. [1,208 sqm.] over two floors of a commercial building and features various inviting conceptual settings that each present parts of its impressively varied range of hand-picked offerings, ranging from homewares and art pieces, to fashion items, jewellery, stationery, and even literature and music.

Indeed, Clerkenwell London aims to present design as a way of life, but does so by steering clear of overt commercialism and instead emphasize the creativity and craft behind it. This approach can be seen as a nod to the neighbourhood’s rich creative legacy that’s upheld to this very day by many businesses that are based here. Adding a specific sensory note to the concept is 155 Bar & Kitchen, a matching spot helmed by chef Gavin Gordon that allows you to unwind, indulge and recharge for the next shopping spree. Serving breakfast, lunch or dinner, the menu is obviously just as versatile and lists tasty seasonal dishes.

As the neighbourhood’s newest social hub – and a boldly ambitious one at that – this place comes with the slew of killer cocktails you’d expect it to have. But that’s not all, folks. Adding up to the fun vibe is the Vinyl Lounge, a 1970s lair replete with custom-built decks, a curated music library and martini bar, in addition to a cozy private dining retreat that’s aptly called The Coterie. Downstairs, the piano lounge doubles up as an events space, and is available for hosting everything from creative workshops to meetings and parties.

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