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The exhibit Walking Pleasure at Triennale di Milano is a tribute to the 70 years anniversary of the brand Moreschi and the project is conceived by Migliore+Servetto Architects as a multy-sensory experience.

Within Triennale Impluvium, the guest is asked to reflect on the concepts of walking and motion from different points of view. The movement becomes performance: at the centre of a dynamic landscape is placed a wide, black Magic Box, whose image reverberates on the side mirror- walls. The back wall reveals various narrations with an almost oleographic effect, through projections on transparent membranes, three-dimensional surfaces and on shoe molds.

The central cube, realized with a special rubbery and opaque material, shows bas-relief texts, black on black, is completely anechoic and doesn’t reflect light. On both sides of the box, six screens display several videos which explore Walking Pleasure’s different meanings: from the production’s process, to the faces of the Moreschi’s artisans, till famous movie clips where the shoes and “walking” are the real protagonists.

Entering in the heart of the Magic Box, guests are welcomed into a new dimension: getting through the leather bands which screen off the entrance, on one hand it’s like coming into the leathers’ Moreschi caveau, on the other, the visitor is surrounded by a complex light, projections and sound system, able to recreate a total “Walking Experience”. A dynamic projection, with a point of view from the bottom, flows down the ceiling: women and men walk in the rain, in the sun, on the ground, on the asphalt, on the leaves in a park, while the video’s sounds enveolps the guest, protagonist of the storytelling.

All around, an extraordinary variety of leather materials, in different types, forms and colors, entirely cover the space inside the box, offering a tactile experience.
Lights, sounds, images contribute to create a total experience, a sort of journey, on different scale, through the experience of walking: from the world’s history, to the shoe’s details, a path where the new technologies become storytelling tools of traditional materials such as leather.

Design: Migliore+Servetto Architects / Ico Migliore / Mara Servetto

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