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Throughout history China has gathered a wealth of rich culture and knowledge spread across many years and creating impact all around the world. However as China’s development continues to grow on a global scale, some aspects of this great civilization has begun to fade away, losing some of its traditions and its rich heritage. The Revival series intends to bring out these topics through a succession of art installations with hopes of drawing it to the public attention. In future, the Revival series will explore other themes and topics related to China’s history and in present times which will be further developed into art installations.

This award-winning interactive installation imagined and created by Jean-Charles Penot and Phu Nhin Ho, welcomes the return of traditional Chinese handcraft to the present landscape.
‘Loominate’ highlights how in this modern era, different media such as old traditional handcraft can still be transcended into modern interpretations. In this case, an authentic Chinese loom used to make traditional fabrics is given a new of lease of life becoming a live kinetic installation.

Stretching across six meters, Loominate gives the appearance of a fully functioning fabric making system from the thread feeding to the fabric output. Its design is divided into three parts, combining both modern and traditional elements together to form a solid interconnected impression.

Firstly located at the rear of the installation is the minimalistic interpretation of the thread feeding system. With its rounded metal structures and illuminating thread, it brings focus to the installations dynamic form within the venue space and draws your attention to its captivating details.

In the center and at the heart of the installation is the loom itself, this operational loom is the central network of the entire system. Its kinetic movements will allow you get a sense of the mechanics and how they were used in traditional handcraft. The fabric pattern woven by local Chinese artisans, is illuminated by Ultra-Violet lights placed on the wood structures of the loom. These lights brings out the fine graphic detail of the fabric as well as intricate workmanship of the craft.

Finally located at the front, this three meter long rotating platform combines reactive glaze and Ultraviolet light that brings the whole unit together. The consistent stream of glowing light will draw your attention across the entire platform and you will notice as the fabric continues to rotate, this line of light will slowly begin to dissipate away. This represents the idea of revitalization and the flowing of ideas between past and present which in turn can turn into a harmonic realization.

Team credits:
Imagined and created by Jean-Charles Penot and Phu Nhin Ho
Technical support provided by Eva Xiang, Ryan Colwick, Kerry Wang, Zhao Chen Long, Cilla Wang, Kelly Luo

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