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Bursting from the QVB’s lower floor, Sushi Hotaru Charcoal Bar offers a dynamic dining affair. Inspired by the luminous flight paths of fireflies, our concept infuses the bustling ambiance of Tokyo’s night streets with moving lights. Challenges arose from the site’s minimal visibility and low ceiling height. To counter this, we adorned walls with light and LED signage, diverting attention from spatial constraints. Vertical, illuminated timber panels create the illusion of height, amplifying the sense of space. Exposing elements of the existing structure embrace Tokyo’s urbanity, with open ceilings and raw column structures reminiscent of cityscapes. Neon lights trace car trails, paying homage to urban life. Our design preserves QVB’s heritage, showcasing its materials sympathetically. Sustainable choices like recyclable masonry blocks and timber enhance longevity. Original materials and lighting concepts abound: layered timber slats along the shopfront dazzle with vibrant hues, while delicate glass orbs evoke fireflies’ glow above seating areas. Interacting with reflective surfaces, refracting lights create a mesmerizing spectacle. Sushi Hotaru Charcoal Bar is not just a dining destination; it’s an immersive experience, where design and sustainability intertwine to captivate and delight.

Interior Designer: Vie Studio

Photographer: Andrew Worssam

Shopfitter: Centum Construction

Certifier: Incert

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