American Gaming Association Offices by OTJ Architects, Washington DC

December 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

OTJ Architects has developed a new office design for the American Gaming Association located in Washington DC. Traditional. Stuffy. Outdated. These are all things that American Gaming Association (AGA) is not – yet these describe its previous office. In relocating, AGA’s main goal was to modernize the space so it provides a more leading-edge view of the gaming industry. The intent was to provide a clean look with added flair to create an interesting, vibrant workplace. But this presented a challenge: how do you take the design aesthetic of Las Vegas and apply it to a place where staff can be productive and clients and members enjoy visiting?

To address this concern, we incorporated gaming industry elements as if living within a game in a tasteful manner. The ceiling from reception through the pantry draws one through the space, mimicking the configuration of a roulette table and the wedged slots. There is also a ticker – complete with betting lines, odds and scores that are constantly updated – that runs throughout the office that establishes movement and flow all the way down the main circulation corridor. In addition, slot machines were donated from a manufacturer to serve as a display of who AGA represents and artwork and wall graphics are all related to the gaming industry.

Another important thing for AGA’s office was having the ability to host events and provide a fun atmosphere for its members and staff. The main conference room opens up completely to reception so AGA can entertain within a larger space. We also designed an inviting, impromptu conference space adjacent to the workstation area; the poker table set up here allows for a small meeting to take place – or a game of poker.

Design: OTJ Architects
Photography: ©Judy Davis/ Hoachlander Davis Photography

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