Halles des 5 Cantons market by Nakide, Anglet – France

December 12th, 2015 by retail design blog

Nakide, as a design and retail marketing agency, has designed the layout and the concept for the innovative covered market “Halles des 5 Cantons” in Anglet (France). 14 stands for different industries have been built: butchers, fishmongers, cheesemongers, greengrocers, caterer… The main goal was to rejuvenate customers from covered markets, traditionally more focused on senior citizens. This is why we made an accurate choice of traders and their position inside the market.

We set several essential principles such as the standardisation of the materials used in order to match the stands (show windows decorations, illumination, colours…) and focus on the product and the artisan. Ergonomics and visibility have been very carefully studied: height of dividing walls, height of furniture, distribution of different artisans, and so on.

Savouring has been an essential part when conceptualizing this « new generation » covered market. It adds a friendly touch and extends the time spent in the market. Now it is not a crossing point anymore, it has become and exchange place full of life. Several months after the launch, we have noted that the principles used have successfully fulfilled the expectations of these demanding customers.

About Nakide:
Based in Lyon (France), Nakide is a design and retail marketing agency focused on the food industry in France aiming to create a new concept of business that allows the growth and success of the customer’s activity.

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