Nen-Rin Installation by Kazunori Matsumura, Asahikawa – Japan

January 15th, 2016 by retail design blog

This work is an installation for a furniture manufacture’s exhibition in Asahikawa, Japan.

The theme of this installation is “accidental image of trees”. The manufacture, CONDE HOUSE CO.,Ltd. is a time-honored company in the area of modern Japanese furniture making and design in northern Japan. The designer, Kazunori Matsumura is asked to express the long succession of history and wisdom of the manufacture by making installation in the main shop.

The title of the installation is “Nen-Rin”. “Nen-Rin” is a Japanese word that indicates “yearly growth rings” in English. The concept of this work uses the history and wisdom of the manufacture to resemble “Nen-Rin”. The material of this work is timber offcuts that passed out in the process of production at the manufacture. The timber offcuts expresses the historical fragments of the manufacture, it looks like pieces of old books. The designer made the scenery of “accidental image of trees” by joining up and piling up the materials in the space.

The objects are made up of two parts, the downside is pile up the materials roughly, it looks like stacking with old books. The upside is string out them like papers shooting from the downside volumes.
Kazunori Matsumura aimed for expressing a shadow of the tress used for furniture and scenery of trees yet to be born. By making this installation he also made up an exhibition space for the products of the manufacture.

Design: Kazunori Matsumura
Direction: MIRU DESIGN
Client: CONDE HOUSE CO., Ltd.

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