Digital Agency Headquarters by Albus, Novo Hamburgo – Brazil

January 20th, 2016 by retail design blog

This digital advertising agency, located in Novo Hamburgo, a city nearby Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, had the interior design project conceived and executed during 2014.

The clients were looking for something really different and bold to convey the avant-garde DNA of the company, that caters to customers in varied market segments. Classical walls, with plaster paneling make a stark contrast with the modern furniture and designer lamps. The Blindfolded Pietá painting, signed by the fictional artist Mark Gary Adams (and created by Henrique Steyer himself), was on the cover of Brazilian’s Vogue Living anniversary edition in 2013 and drew the attention of the client to Steyer’s work.

Signed pieces such as Philippe Starck’s Gun Lamp, Frank Gehry’s Wiggle Chair and the Dear Ingo lamp are highlights of the decor.

The doors were lacquered in high gloss pink. In the reception, an antique Baccarat lamp shines alongside the front desk in futuristic style created by Henrique. High back chairs work as thrones for the visitors.

In the meeting room, the Nemo Chair, by Italian designer Fabio Novembre, creates a hierarchy during business meetings. Its clear that whoever sits on it exerts power over the others, due to the commanding presence of the chair. In the same room, two tables, black and white, seat the visitors. Chairs signed by Phillipe Starck, also in Black and White, complete the scene. A massive french mirror reflect those who arrive, and by its side, there’s a painting of a Black Carmen Miranda, part of the “What If?” series, created by Steyer to expose racism in the world.

Design: Albus

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