Das Haus installation by Sebastian Herkner at IMM, Cologne – Italy

February 2nd, 2016 by retail design blog

Guided by a careful attention to materiality, German designer Sebastian Herkner scales up from furniture to the interiors they inhabit for IMM Cologne’s centrepiece installation.

A house with a circular footprint, Das Haus carves concentric circulation and living spaces. Aptly dubbed ‘Interiors on Stage’, the home’s curved interiors materialize amidst an orchestration of 600sq-m of fabric devised in collaboration with the textile editors at Nya Nordiska. Hanging from 200 m of rounded rails, curtains and translucent panels glide to shape rooms, halls and walls. Changeable and permeable, the home’s perimeter eliminates boundaries, starting with its outermost ring to invite guests all the way to its heart: the recessed living room.

Encircled with lush foliage, the sunken living space is outfitted with tactile textiles such as the embracing form of Mbrace – Herkner’s latest collection for Dedon – and colourful pieces from Moroso’s Banjooli collection. Woven elements join the collage of eco-conscious materials with a focus on craftsmanship. Lighting details punctuate the space, with artful neon tube lamps sitting alongside oversized glass bulbs which pushed to the mouth-blown technique to its limits.

Rippling outwards to the dining and bath areas, contour steps formed with Dinesen’s GrandDouglas planks sliced from hand-selected Black Forest trees and treated with lye oil for a natural finish or a grey oil for a tinted grain. ‘When developing products I only use genuine materials such as wood, glass and porcelain. This is a conscious choice for quality, character and durability,’ says Herkner.


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