Zama restaurant by Todor Cosmin Studio, Cluj-Napoca – Romania

February 17th, 2016 by retail design blog

Focused on Romanian cuisine but with a twist of new, Zama is a restaurant in Cluj-Napoca which adapted traditional Transylvanian cuisine to the 21th century. The interior design follows the same path, opting for a modern style with rustic influences. It uses wood, metal and baked clay, the latter bearing traditional patterns.

The walls were cleaned up of all the layers of paint deposited over time, so as to reach the very first layer. The Roman brick walls help to create the natural brick appearance that is highly regarded in the area. The metalwork and furniture were specially designed for this space, apart from two old pieces of furniture that were found at the flea market and integrated into the design.

The choice of decoration is based on the same idea of combining the old and new, the plates being collected from households of Transylvanian peasants. The mirrors decorating the walls are meant not only to resize the space and make it look bigger, but also to facilitate communication, to enable those who are facing the mirror to see what is happening behind them. The charming and friendly atmosphere of the Zama restaurant is contagious for everyone who walks through its doors.

Designed by Todor Cosmin
Photography by Dacian Groza

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