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INHEDITED is a new London-based company specialising in handmade, gold gilded, leather notebooks. Founded in 2013 by Jean-François Lanzetta, INHEDITED is also one of the last remaining book edge gilders in the UK. Working with the top artisans, tanneries and paper makers has resulted in the creation of the INHEDITED collection – a limited edition of notebooks that celebrate the most prized materials combined with the heritage of traditional craftsmanship.

INHEDITED notebooks are understated and luxurious with a minimalistic style with an added emphasis on practicality. A limited series of 260 manuscript books have been made across the three collections – the Proa, Pervolō and Eight Manuscript Books – as the books are intended to be a collectible item. The Proa is the perfect size (A5) for travelling and incorporates a magnetic clasp and ruler. The name Proa derives from the multihull vessels reported for the first time by the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, in his diary during what became the first voyage around the globe. The Pervolo is the A4 desk edition and its name comes from the Latin word for “I fly through”, honoring the beauty of writing as a passion we cannot stop. Hidden magnets in the covers of the Eight Manuscript Books allow the notebooks to adhere to each other. When placed on a desk, they stand together vertically without the use of bookends creating an iconic sculptural object.

The individually selected, first grade, Italian leathers and specially commissioned hand-painted marbled papers, together with traditional bookbinding processes, ensure the certitude that no two notebooks will ever look exactly alike. The signature grey writing paper that distinguishes INHEDITED’s manuscripts is a premium set selected for its smooth, uncoated texture which offers an optimal writing experience, while page numbers and table of content allow you to record and order your words carefully. The INHEDITED’s signature 55° gold line runs across the collection, paying tribute to the tradition and technique of fine edge gilding.

After ten years of working in the financial sector, Jean-François Lanzetta decided he needed to build something that mattered to him. Inspired by his Italian heritage and family’s leather bags company, where he spent a lot of his childhood helping his father in the workshop, the idea for INHEDITED was born. The next two years were spent working on creating the first INHEDITED collection, focusing on the best and most prized materials, artisans, edge gilding and traditional bookbinding techniques.

The INHEDITED collection of books responds to one’s personal writing and travel desires. INHEDITED books are more than just notebooks – they are a collectible object, a piece of craftsmanship, a travel and daily companion.

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