Ruckus Wireless booth at AfricaCom by Whaam Concepts, Cape Town – South Africa

April 16th, 2016 by retail design blog

We had the fortunate opportunity to design an activation for the global wireless brand Ruckus Wireless. They are pioneers in the wireless infrastructure market and their vast array of products help enable service providers and enterprises to stay ahead of the demand for high bandwidth applications and services. This was an exciting project as the brands colours and corporate identity has quite a fun and playful nature allowing us to delve into our creative pool and come out with what we think was a great success in terms of a branding and product activation exercise.

We started off by exploring different colour combinations and material finishes to best amplify the brand and make them stand out amongst the busy hustle and bustle of an exhibition venue. The use of very angular lines and geometric shapes was explored to enhance the idea of the High-Tec space and industry that the Ruckus Wireless company is part of. Overall the exercise and was a great success and received a huge amount of attention and compliments from visitors and competitors in the industry, we thank Ruckus Wireless again for the opportunity to work with their exciting brand and hope to be able to once again enhance their activation experiences in the near future.

Designed by Whaam Concepts

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