Les Cinq Paris showroom-atelier by DI.D Studio, Paris – France

April 30th, 2016 by retail design blog

Located in the inner Paris city center, inside the historical Passage du Grand Cerf, this showroom-atelier designed by Elena Panza and Paola Zuin of DI.D studio for the Italian Parisian brand Les Cinq, creates a gentle dialogue between two different modernities. In the untouched glass and steel framework of the passage has been inserted a new minimal space where every detail refers to an efficient and technological aesthetic.

The materials and the careful design are called to their best potential: the long and narrow space, typical of the passage’s boutiques, achieves a new appearance with the sharp geometrics of the interior design. The original wooden shop-window marks a stylistic threshold: as soon as the visitor enter the showroom the black PVC floor, in clear contrast with the white surfaces, acts to modify the perception of the space. The walls are marked by a strong graphic presence: wide perforated metal sheets are ready for countless display combinations, made possible thanks to ever changing small shelves and hooks.

The metallic surface is only treated with oil that preserves the natural characteristics of the material and provides a dense and opaque stage to the maison’s creations. Bike chains are used as fishing lines, hanged to the ceiling from one side and holding from the other one technical clothing and cycling-inspired fashion accessories. The interior project has been created accordingly with the stylistic choices of Les Cinq, characterized by a pure and minimal “gears aesthetic”.

The studio-atelier is located on the first floor. The metallic surfaces and the fitting room conceal the volume of the stairs. The precise lines of metal on white surfaces design all the furniture. The whole space is lighted by a cold led light, which contributes to recreate a laboratorial ambiance where rigor and clearness are always well fitted with the endless innovation of the creative seasons of the atelier.

Photography by Alberto Sinigaglia

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