BrickBox modular storage system by Antxon Salvador

May 9th, 2016 by retail design blog

BrickBox is a patented modular storage system consisting of a timber box. Designed to facilitate transport, storage and collecting pop-culture (books, films, vinyl and CDs) BrickBox becomes a versatile system that can also be used to build different types of structures: from a bedside table, to a shelving system for the living room to a kids’ wardrobe, display cabinet, sideboard or library. Because of its self-supporting structural logic BrickBox can also be used as a space divider.

A versatile solution for any space BrickBox is a product that defies categorisation, a box that functions as a piece of furniture, a shelving system, a partition or simply a storage system. A simple yet revolutionary product that you will fall in love with. Conceived for a contemporary nomadic way of life, where being on the move is simply a fact of life, BrickBox makes moving books easier while optimising storage space, nowadays more important than ever. A solution that provides a practical and attractive solution that can be customised for individual requirements.

BrickBox comes as a flat pack module available in two sizes that can be assembled without screws. Nylon connectors fitted to the base simply slot into the groves of the bottom box thus ensuring structural stability.
– The practical handles make transport easy and give the product its characteristic personality.
– The various accessories; doors, shelves, legs and wheels complete the modular system.
– Manufactured from 12mm birch plywood (marine grade) with a melamine finish, cut-out handles and exposed edging detail, using the laminate material which provides its strength as a decorative feature.
– BrickBox is sold as a flat pack, easy to transport and quick to put to assemble.
Designed by Antxon Salvador in 2009 BrickBox is a Made in Spain product (Tarragona), manufactured using timber sourced from certified European forests. Exported from Barcelona to over 40 countries. A design that has quickly become a contemporary classic.

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