A.S. Barbershop by Felipe Hess, São Paulo – Brazil

May 23rd, 2016 by retail design blog

Located in São Paulo, this barbershop shows its minimalistic prerogative since the very first look at the façade. Straight lines and neutral materials compose the design and empathize its most important element, the inclined roof. The inclination, heritage of the previous structure, creates the shape of the iron and glass entrance door on the facade which allows to have a glimpse of the interior even from outside. The extrusion of this shape, clad in white squared tiles, creates the interior volume if the shop.

Still on the exterior, the classic barbershop pole, receives the black and white colors, recurrent in the visual branding, both on the door logo and in other elements inside. The same squared tiles on the inside turns into dimension unit, characterizing the whole project. It makes the bar counter, the spacing between work stations, mirrors, wall niches, even the ceiling lights are modeled inside the grid that structure the space.

This material contraposes to the opposite wall and part of the ceiling, made in light carpentry, helping make the space cozy, and join themselves in a lighting plaster molding. The gray floor unites all the working area to the more private, blending the ensamble. The bottom of the building, in a different height, is reached with a monolithic white marble stair. The reception desk, together with the bar, welcomes costumers in a cozy environment, protected by the door´s wired glass, which gives privacy to the space, decorated with vintage furniture.

In the working area, same materials as marble, wood and iron, create different elements and furniture, especially designed for this barbershop, such as the lavatories, the mirrors and the product-displaying shelf. This shelf divides the working area from the more private one, where are host the manicures as well as all the spaces dedicated to the office, deposit and bathroom; inside it, the white tiles appear once again covering the whole perimeter up to half height and creating the washing basin, blending all the spaces with the minimalistic proposal made for this project.

Architects: Felipe Hess
Team: Lucas Millher
Photographs: Ricardo Bassetti


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