Aesop store at Newoman by Torafu Architects, Tokyo – Japan

July 5th, 2016 by retail design blog

These past few years, Aesop has been rapidly expanding its footprint in Tokyo, setting up shop in key shopping zones across the city. Until recently the Shinjuku neighbourhood lacked an outpost, but that void has now been filled. The Australian cosmetics company established a shop-in-shop in Newoman, a brand new retail complex geared specifically towards a female demographic, and situated directly opposite Shinjuku station, and in true Aesop style, it’s once again a superbly executed, design-led retail setting. Tokyo-based practice Torafu Architects was enlisted to create a design, and the result is one that pairs functionality with a stunning aesthetic.

Set across a compact 46 sqm. [495 sq.ft.], the setting in its entirety is crafted from limestone, and yes, that includes flooring and ceiling. Two pillars, incorporating shelving, are situated on one side of the unit, while a lower and elongated cabinet marks the opposite perimetre. A unit with sink protrudes from one pillar, and a detached sales counter is placed in the middle. Lighting is another important element of the design, comprising of a grid of sunken ceiling lights, a light band that demarcates the ceiling, and a single desk lamp on the counter. The new Aesop shop-in-shop sticks the brand’s full range of skin, body and hair care products.

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