Sparebank 1 by Monica Stavem Design, Fredrikstad – Norway

July 12th, 2016 by retail design blog

Even if Sparebank 1 is Norway’s second biggest bank concern they find their strength in acting on a local level, and the interior concept in Fredrikstad was based on the bank’s vision “We are where you are”.

The goal was to create an intimate, contemporary bank office with a natural Scandinavian feeling. The reception is inspired by the old boat industry that used to be located in the area. A photo of the surrounding archipelago covers all the wall cabinets in the end of 1st floor so it looks like the bank has a beautiful view when you enter.

A modern oak forest with mini houses shows the prospects of the property that are out for sale, and it also has a purpose to make an informal atmosphere. The growing roots on the walls is a symbolic that the bank has a long history that they are proud of. This project is a result of a really nice cooperation between the architects / graphic designers Griff and interior designer Monica Stavem Design.

Photography by Tonje Kornelie

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