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DuaVivo is a start-up venture backed by a group of investors, to retail pre-owned luxury products. Catering to a huge untapped market in India Inclusive of online platform for buying and/or selling of the pre-owned high end luxury goods. Target Buyers are well aware and highly aspirational and are regular users of well-known premium brands with a strong desire to own hi-end luxury brands.

Sellers are regular users of hi-end luxury brands across categories; like to flaunt latest hi-end luxury products within social circle; prefer to buy only latest luxury collection. The design brief was “To design a showroom where the reLuxed (re-finished) luxury goods are presented in a premium, but not intimidating, environment for both aspiring buyers and luxury using sellers.”.

The design strategy was to create an environment that builds awareness and trust for the new brand and evokes the aspiration of ‘reLuxed and reLoved’ luxury fashion accessories. An open format was planned in an unintimidating gallery format that was digitally enabled to facilitate the availability of information for the seller and buyer.

The store front was planned open with a digital window that introduced the brand, its concept and also displayed interesting opportunistic product options in its digital content. The targeted customers being the aspirational youth who wanted to possess luxury goods for a short period, the store was planned in an open format with clear line of sight to make it welcome for explorations.

To render a chic and minimalist look, associated with luxury brands, the Façade was made out of contemporary cladding of pixilated patterned tile with a HD TV embedded in it. The brand logo was presented with a halo lit acrylic solid letters. A hint of brands available in the store were given in frosted glass effect on in the window glass.

The interior theme was planned on the brand positioning of ‘reLuxed and reLoved’. The interior palette was planned with a blend of ‘rich’ glossy finished materials and the ‘democratised’ raw finished ones.

The perimeter walls that present the store offerings is made of a base cement texture wall with features panels in epoxy painted glass and marble for presenting the luxury offerings. The floor is laid in glossy marble finish with an inlay of rough golden ochre finish tiles at the centre to mirror the in-lit fabric ceiling to give an impression of a ‘ramp’.

The store fixtures are made of Stainless Steel gloss gold finished frames with white painted glass and wooden shelving. Mid-floor glass museum cases display the expensive accessories. A browsing table with a large format screen at the centre of the store allow customers to interact with the brands online portal that enables the process of registration for buying or selling and also view the product range that the store has to offer.

The visual merchandising strategy of the store is ‘reLuxed and reLoved’ with the use of repurposed objects like colored bottles, decorative pendant lights, bell jars, ceramic plates and a wooden tree trunk to surprise young customers with a visual twist as they engage with the store offerings and services.

Eclectic wooden tables add to the visual merchandising concept of the store. The lighting design is a boutique concept using warm lights of 3000 K temperature from LED accent track mounted systems. The soft ambient lighting is delivered from the fabric ceiling.

Designed by Four Dimensions

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