Tanner Goods store relocation, Portland – USA

August 28th, 2016 by retail design blog

The creative surrounds of homebase Portland have been quite beneficial to tanner goods. During the past decade, the high-end leather goods company has become a household name in circles around the planet that are appreciative of heritage inspired quality goods. To celebrate the company’s tenth anniversary, the company has gifted itself – and the city of Portland for that matter – a brand new and expanded flagship store in Albina, a buzzing neighbourhood just north of downtown Portland.

Tanner Goods occupies a 2,600 sq.ft. [260 sqm.] ground floor location at Albina yard, a modern four-storey complex that’s anchored by an existing building from the late 1920s. The opening follows previous launches in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the store interior presents a similar pairing of a semi-industrial base with an infusion of timber.

But here, at this newly built structure, it’s been taken to a more awe-inspiring and sleeker level. The latter material is first and foremost captured by a beautifully constructed ceiling and matching support beams, paired with extensive shelving that lines the walls, and matching displays and other furnishings.

Building on the success of the Tanner Goods and Woodlands retail combination over the past five years, the expanded footprint also features a shop-in-shop for sister brand Mazama Wares, in addition to a laid-back bar and café section with a private and green outdoor back patio that’s called the wayback that’s bound to become a popular neighbourhood destination in itself. location: 4719 north albina avenue [Albina].


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