Varietea Tea lounge by ido design, Ahmedabad – India

October 11th, 2016 by retail design blog

As the name suggests, VARIETEA is a place encouraging tea with variations ranging from hot Indian, Chinese, Iranian versions to cold American infusions. Café today have a much defined notion. The existing brand was a casual lounge serving all tea variants with others; wherein laid the ‘loophole’ for the format survived majorly on food and missed on bringing in the tea culture.

To infuse serious tea drinking culture to the city and beyond, by the means of interiors and branding WAS THE CHALLENGE and risk at the same time, as the brand had its original identity imprinted on its customers. To achieve that we tried to go back to the roots of tea drinking for us and thereby used inspirations from ‘English’ / Victorian feel without being too ‘countryside’.

Tea as a drink has various histories from China to India to Europe and is consumed for various reasons and occasions. Further lay the challenge to compile all of it together plus giving the end user the experience of an Urban Space. A strong balance had to be maintained for it to be balmy while being ‘young and trendy’.

Every minute detail was considered while designing the Brand identity, and not deviating from the original Brain storming ideas. A tea experience zone was added near the counter allowing guests to try new infusions.

‘Feature Wall’ as we would like to call it, has Wainscoting Panel in Dark Grey color to match the floor, topped with Customized wallpaper where branding is subtly reinforced, adding a final touch with bright frames. Metal hanging lamps that are specially made for the brand add vertical volume without dividing the space. Orange Clay Lamps over the counter add brand recall value to the space. Windsor chair with original Milkpaint brings in the urban flavor to the cafe without taking too much attention.

Tea Selling was a very important part of the design brief, for which in between units that display different sellable merchandise are added. Visual Merchandising elements at the entrance and inside the cafe hence make a very important part of Varietea.

Design: ido design

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