45 furniture system for Inyard by LaSelva

November 23rd, 2016 by retail design blog

Spanish-Mexican studio LaSelva’s 45 furniture system for Chinese brand Inyard can be customised to create tables of different sizes and finishes. Legs and tabletops are purchased separately, and the furniture is designed to be easily and quickly assembled at home. Users can choose the height of the table as well as the shape and size of its surface.

A metal plate connects the separate pieces, and is covered by a 45-degree wooden “tongue” that provides extra stability. According to LaSelva, the system – which has over 100 possible combinations – results in minimal wasted material and requires less warehouse storage space.

The furniture includes a range of sizes, including dining and coffee tables and work desks. Each piece is made in oak and is available in several different colours. Buyers can also pair legs and tabletops with contrasting finishes.

“The custom market is gaining more and more importance each day,” said Galvañ. “Final users that prefer to personalise their furniture have opened new ways for companies to produce products on demand.” Inyard is by no means the first company to offer customisable furniture, with several online retailers launching pieces that can be personalised by the user.

Design brand Hem launched its own customisation service in 2015, and Warsaw startup Tylko partnered with several designers to create furniture that can be personalised. Philippe Starck has suggested that furniture trends are soon to be a thing of the past as customising becomes easier and more accessible.

Design: LaSelva
Photography: Ángel Segura


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  1. Wah..designed by Laselva, extraordinary furniture ever seen. Good work. thumps up

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