MINA-TO communication space by Mandai Architects, Tokyo – Japan

December 6th, 2016 by retail design blog

We renovated the entrance of the art-complex building in Tokyo, as a communication space “MINA-TO”. There are various functions in a small space; exhibition and sale of arts and products, provision of information on exhibitions, holding lectures and workshops, etc.

Therefore, in order to be able to use the place flexibly, we decided to create a space that is light like clouds and free to change shape. We combined delicate stainless steel mesh of 2.6 mmφ into a curved surface to make a slightly distorted cube. It is soft like cloth in one sheet, but strong in a cube, due to the structure of the curved surface. Since the light cube made in this way has neither the top nor the bottom, it becomes various heights by rolling and furthermore, by crowding / discretizing cubes, you can change the space softly according to usage.

Also, we used an aluminum plate that reflected softly on the background wall. By attaching aluminum on the steel plate, this wall makes it possible to exhibit paintings freely anywhere with magnets. This wall will also reflect the surrounding light and scenery and will change over while overlapping with the painting.

Designed by Mandai Architects
Photography by Yasuhiro Takagi

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