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In Out Studio has developed the integral makeover of one of the most emblematic restaurants in Madrid, it is the seafood Norte Sur in the Costa Rica Street. Norte Sur is a chain of seafood restaurants founded in 1954 by Don Andrés Gutiérrez. With 4 restaurants in the heart of Madrid, Norte Sur is one of the best-known seafood restaurants in the capital and proof of this is the continuous traffic of artists and celebrities who visit their premises to enjoy a great evening accompanied by an exquisite fresh product. The initial approach of the reform was to unify two restaurants in a single space where they can continue to enjoy the authentic spirit of Norte Sur Costa Rica.

The new restaurant features two distinctly different interior spaces, the bar area located at the entrance, with a very dynamic design according to the relaxed and fun atmosphere in Norte Sur and the restaurant area, a more relaxed space designed to enjoy a long dessert. The first element redesigned has been the facade which has been impregnated with the nautical spirit characteristic of the restaurant, using only burnished stainless steel for its construction with the objective of turning it into a sober and functional façade with references to traditional fishmongers.

Regarding the interior areas, the first space that we find when entering is the bar space, which recreates a traditional fishmonger sprinkled with winks to the bustling and charismatic Spanish markets. In order to generate this festive atmosphere, In Out Studio has designed exclusively for Norte Sur, a fun furniture and lighting with nautical references that play with the new corporate image of the brand also designed by the studio. The bar area combining the classics materials of a fish market such as Ibiza white marble or the white tiles with more sophisticated elements such as the backlit mirror that accompany the customer along the bar.

The tapas area and the dining room are divided by a technical bar reserved for the restaurant staff. This bar is the articulation core of the restaurant and is perfectly integrated into both environments. The metallic shell of this bar simulates a classic fish nasa on which has created a fun word game taking care of every last detail. Leaving the technical bar, we arrive at the restaurant area with two dining rooms in which a more relaxed atmosphere prevails, but without losing an ounce of the creative spark that characterizes this reform. The tables of untreated oak, white woods and tiles, keep us in a nautical, cool and festive environment.

As in the bar space, the restaurant has been careful to the last detail, designing not only lighting or furniture, but also the graphics applied on the walls of the dining rooms and the new corporate identity of Norte Sur. For the redesign of the branding of the seafood chain, In Out Studio has opted for the black and white binomial for its sober and elegant character. Without a doubt, this project has been a great challenge for In Out Studio because of the difficulty involved in renovating a restaurant with a lot of tradition without letting its essence fade with the renovation. With the result, the study has managed to give it the fresh, vital and rejuvenated air that is now breathed in Norte Sur Costa Rica.

Design: In Out Studio

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