Vanessa Seward boutique by Laurent Deroo, Paris – France

December 28th, 2016 by retail design blog

After setting up shop in Los Angeles, the brand’s first overseas, contemporary womenswear designer Vanessa Seward has shifted her focus back to homebase Paris to open a fourth standalone boutique in the city’s St.-Germain neighbourhood. As an affiliate brand of A.P.C., it too has collaborated with french architect Laurent Deroo, and this retail space is no exception. Elongated and lofty, it features a similar aesthetic albeit somewhat tweaked to fit the dimensions and lend it a character of its own. A tiered marble display is installed at the centre, matching the flooring of the same material. It’s flanked on one side by an expansive mosaic of mirrors and wooden shelving directly opposite.

Brass light fixtures attached to the shelving add shimmer to the palette, but even more so a dramatically curved lamp that dangles from the ceiling. A timbered back wall frames a corridor leading to a secluded boudoir with fitting rooms, and the atmosphere abruptly shifts into a more intimate gear. The palette is defined by hues of soft browns, but the presence of a blue carpet ties it in with the setting up front. The new Vanessa Seward boutique carries the brand’s full range of women’s apparel, shoes, bags and accessories. Another store opening is already in the works, and this time it’ll be in London, a market where the brand is doing exceptionally well.

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  1. Amazing when I got the contract of boutique designing so definitely I love to follow this design.

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