Bed One Block Hostel by A MILLIMETRE, Bangkok – Thailand

January 31st, 2017 by retail design blog

Two years after Bed Station Hostel was completed in 2014, the client offered us with a new project, a typical one-block-shophouse in the same neighbourhood. A unit of 4m. width by 16m. depth, named BED ONE BLOCK HOSTEL after the building character. Despite a small area, all facilities are still required with the maximum bed number. Balance between public and private space is also necessary.

To design a hostel, a space for guests’ social interaction plays major role. In BED ONE BLOCK HOSTEL, not only the common area, but also in each dormitory, social space was created for guests to share and relax. The common area was designed to be featured stair on the ground floor that connect to the space on the mezzanine floor, where everyone can meet up or use a working space individual and relax.

Apart from the common area, each dormitory has its own small relaxing area where guest can privately take a rest, arrange their luggages or have a chat with other guests. The exterior which greets all pedestrians was required with a buffer to conceal back of house facilities, such as air conditioning and other systems. A distinct pattern for the facade was intended to relate with Thai-element.

After experimenting with many options, a pattern of shingle tiled roof with a twist of modern material and pattern was the final solution. White perforated steel sheets with various hole sizes were arranged diagonally which created difference of transparency and contrast to the adjacent blocks.

This facade benefits not only an appealing exterior appearance but also allow natural light and still maintains privacy of interior space. A welcoming and friendly service might not be enough to make a good hostel. But with a good design to support guests’ behaviour can make it a great one. This is what BED ONE BLOCK HOSTEL is trying to achieve.

Photography: Jirayu Rattanawong

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